Street Food Live

Street Food Live is an exciting culinary experience which provides opportunities for visitors to indulge in diverse, distinctive and delicious flavours from select street food vendors including food trucks, food carts and gourmet food stalls, artisan desserts and hand-crafted beverage makers.

Milk N' Sugar

Milk N’ Sugar forms a colourful stage for exciting culinary treats and live demonstrations. It brings together a diverse range of exotic desserts, treats and beverage producers while showcasing the talents of local artisan producers in order to delight those with a sweet tooth.

Sport Palooza

Sport Palooza celebrates the fun and vibrant variations among the sporting scene. It embraces the culture within where these sports originate however unique they may be, covering everything from the sport itself to culture, fashion, music and the lifestyle that surrounds these sporting passions and communities around the world.

Alpha Royale

Alpha Royale is a luxury lifestyle event celebrating elegance, extravagance and luxury. It assembles an ensemble of the world’s most desirable supercars, high fashion, exclusive entertainment and elite lifestyle accessories.

The Amicorum

The Amicorum will introduce an enchanting experience like never before to Sydney Harbour. Bathed in a sea of vibrant colours and equal combination of music, lights, and costumes the secret venue will be transformed into an extravagant tangle of performers and jaw-dropping decorations that create a night-time experience for the Instagram generation… A fantastical world to escape reality.


Wanderlust entices visitors to broaden their horizons through the world of travel and tourism. The Wanderlust festival provides visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a range of different lifestyles, cultural experiences and touristic destinations.




Lost Festival

Auto Live

oktoberfest by the harbour

Basketball con

Grease n' grind


Asia live

euro live

Island Fest

Street palooza

zombie Fest

Lost Eats

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